What Is Volleyball and How to Dig Better

Volleyball is a fast paced and intense sport played by both men and women. There are beach volleyball, Olympics, club, high school and college tournaments. Volleyball is almost everywhere and it’s a great sport to play. If you are playing it good but do you want to become a better passer? It’s not hard and you don’t need that fast of a reaction. All you need is better positioning and you will be able to dig easier.

Right Back and Left Back

These two positions are a bit similar except for the part where left back is the better passer. I will explain this first. The power hitter will most likely hit from the right side of the net, when their facing you. And most of the time, they will hit angle and for that reason, your best passer will be there. They are the better readers and will be able to react quicker because of it. That is why left back is an important position. When power hitters hit angle, they will be hitting it toward the left back. So why are they similar? It’s because they both position themselves the same. When the power hitter hits, the left back will pivot their outside foot toward the pole and the right back will cover line.

The exact positioning is the left back will move their outside pivot foot toward the pole. Then they will decide if they move towards the hitter or away, depends on what they think it is. You definitely have to read their arm motion to tell where they’re going to hit. The right back will move towards the line and about one and a half step back. This way they will be able to get the ball that is hit towards the line. Whether if it’s with your face or arm, you have a chance to get the ball up.

You have to definitely watch for tips also. The blockers aren’t supposed to go get ball because they should still be on the net. So tips are what left and right backs are supposed to get. Never blame anyone else.

Middle Back

So what does the middle back do? They are most likely playing deep to support both left and right back. It’s because the blockers should be able to block off the middle. If the ball is touched, the ball will travel further back and that’s where the middle back will be. You will also support the shanks from the left and right back. The middle will always be supporting but they can also fill in the hole in the block. You should use instincts, whether you’re going to fill in the hole or play deep. Either way middle back is still important.

So what is the passing position?

You have to be low and be able to switch directions fast. This is not important because you can just read how the hitter hits. Look at the arm and see their motion and you will be able to read it. This might take some time but you will get used to it. When you stay low and your legs are spread. It’s like doing a squat but remember you have to balance to move front, back and side to side. And never break your platform. Always pass with your forearms and never with your fist. Only use your fist if you absolutely need too.

Now that you know the basics, learn to play volleyball and become better. It’s an intense sport which you will love to play. Have fun

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