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Discover what thousands of people have previously discovered… A Zoomby blanket makesthemost unique baby present!

Noone wants to give a ho-hum present. When you give a Zoomby blanket, your present will probably be the one that everyone gets excited around at the baby shower. Since we started selling Zoomby blankets in 2002, we’ve heard it time and time again… Parents always tell us that the Zoomby blanket was their favorite baby shower gift!

So perhaps you’re wondering what makes a Zoomby blanket the right baby gift?

A Zoomby blanket is the perfect solution to keep a baby warm and comfortable while in its carseat. If you cherished this write-up and you would like to obtain more data regarding kindly check out the page. Intelligent openings in the center of the blanket fit the seat belts of all baby carseats and carriers. The blanket remains attached. It is always there when a parent wants it, but won’t fall off like a regular blanket. A good cloverleaf shape literally encompasses a baby in snuggly warmth and relaxation. It’s sooo adorable! Each year we provide a wide selection of charming prints and attractive solids in the softest, best quality fleece available in the marketplace. We also provide an exciting new line of soft organic cotton blankets as well as an excellent lighter weight, incredibly soft fleece called ‘microchamois’ that’s ideal for milder climates and seasons. Why is the Zoomby blanket so exceptional? It is:

Versatile. The Zoomby blanket is warm enough for winter, yet light enough for spring and fall. It’s the only real car seat accessory you should keep your baby warm and comfortable while on the go–whatever the season! An additional benefit of a Zoomby blanket, is that it helps keep the car seat clean when it’s left open because it covers the complete surface of the car seat and may certainly be removed for washing. Zoomby blankets also function in many strollers and may even be utilized as a shopping cart cover! Safe. There are no zippers or button enclosures preventing you from reaching your precious baby in a hurry if needed. Along with the openings for the car seat safety belts certainly don’t impair the function of the harnesses in any way. Simple to use. Simply set the Zoomby blanket to the car seat and pull the car seat straps through the appropriate openings. Set the child into the car seat and fasten usually with all the straps. Starting with the side flaps, wrap over baby and finish by wrapping the bottom flap over your infant. Make use of the suitable “ties” on the Zoomby blanket to secure it and stop the child from kicking it away. The end result? Your infant is now warm, cozy, safely fixed and willing to go! Smart design. Many other automobile seat covers have cumbersome designs which make them ineffective and impractical for everyday use. Not the Zoomby blanket! Its design is straightforward and smart. You do not need certainly to take out the blanket to get your baby in and from the car seat. There are not any zippers or awkward legs to struggle with. And since the Zoomby blanket is not a auto seat cover that simply has an opening for the baby’s face, it prevents drafty cold air getting to your baby and avoids claustrophobia. Your infant is free to look around and investigate his or her new world while still remaining comfortable, warm and safe. Cute. Now offered in a wide choice of charming prints and solids and restrict attractively with aligning soft cotton knit fabric, a Zoomby blanket makes a unique and thoughtful shower gift. It is the right baby thing to give or receive. Moms love them! Outstanding worth. Many other car seat blanket accessories in the marketplace sell for between $35-$45, excluding transport. Although we use the highest quality fabrics and proudly assemble our blankets in the U.S., Zoomby blankets are attractively priced at only $31.95. *

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