Sports Betting Systems Explained

Millions of people bet on sports all over the world and a lot of them use sports betting systems. Or at least what they call a system, no matter how inefficient it may be. A lot of gamblers miss the boat because they don’t really understand what a betting system is.

It’s not their fault. They see the ads for the 97% systems and believe them. They believe a single situation or a single bet can change their lives, if they could only find it. Against that measure, any system they use will be a failure. So they go from system to system, never able to stick with anything long enough for it to pay off.

A sports betting system is, in the simplest terms, rules for determining what game to bet on and how much. It is obvious to the winners and beyond the comprehension of the losers that you must bet the same known edges over and over again in order to be profitable.

As an example, in the NBA road underdogs of 13 points win at about 63 percent of the time. It doesn’t matter who is playing. To convert that knowledge into a betting system you would need to fund a bankroll and use it ONLY to place bets on that situation.

You can combine edges to form a single system as long as you bet every game that falls within it, for all of the edges, every time. If you don’t do that, you lose all of the edges and regress to a reliance on luck. We all know where that leads.

Whatever your system is, the main things to remember are that you must bet every game where the edge is available and that every bet should be for the same amount from a dedicated bankroll.

Only then do you have a true betting system.

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