Soccer Positions and Their Duties

먹튀검증Soccer Positions and Their Duties

The first, vital step to understanding soccer is to learn the basic positions, and what their duties are.


The goalkeeper is what the name suggests – the player with the task of keeping, or protecting, the goal. The goalkeeper wears a special attire to set him or her apart from the other players, and is the only player on the pitch allowed to use his or her hands to grab the ball. However, s/he is only allowed to do so while the ball is within the penalty box, 먹튀검증 and only if the ball was not passed to him or her by the feet of a player on his/her own team.

The goalkeeper will often become a bit of a leader on the pitch, as s/he has a good view of the entire field, and can issue orders to the players in front of him/her. The goalkeeper tends to be an entirely defensive player, with a few notable exceptions.


A position which is not as common nowadays as it once was, the sweeper has the job to fall down into the area between the defensive line and the goalkeeper to sweep up any loose balls that get through.

Full back or centre back

In the most common formation, the 4-4-2 formation, these are the players with the most defensive role of all the players (aside from the goalkeeper). Their duty is to stop the opposing attacks. It is a position which requires a great deal of physical strength along with an ability to read the game.

Wing back

A role which starts off from a fairly defensive position, 먹튀but often has the freedom to venture forward into offense, and feed cross balls to the attacking players. As the name suggest, they play near the edge of the pitch


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