Points to Consider Before You Invest in a Sports Betting System

Betting systems have certainly been making noise among people who are interested in gaming, gambling and betting. Why should they not? All of them claim foolproof results to enable anyone to generate money and not lose any. Because of these claims, anyone would be apprehensive about making the right choice. If these systems have finally caught your attention and you would like to give it a shot, don’t jump at the first promising system you see. Here are some things to consider before you invest in your very own sports betting system.

Be objective. Resist the urge to fall for a betting system just because it says it can guarantee 97% success. Why didn’t the author or creator of the system say 100% or perhaps 90%? You will have to ask the question: How big a risk is the 97%? How much do I lose if I lose?

Look at it on the brighter side. No sports betting system will ever tell you they can guarantee 100% wins, because it’s a bet, and all bets require risks, and risks will always have two sides, the wins, and the loss.

A few years ago, people trusted an expert if he said that system could generate 75-85% wins. Back then, people thought anything bigger than 50% was impressive, because 50% already meant a 1% chance of winning. Also, statistics did not play a big part in sports betting systems, so mostly that 75-85% was generated out of thin air.

Today, when a creator says his system can get you 97% wins, he of course has made a clear record of activity (number of times successful versus number of fails) and has used the magic or permutation and probability, and computer programs to use these statistics and generate justifiable predictions. 

However, beware of the tricky part. With new sports betting systems emerging here and there, each creator has to come up with a sales pitch, something catchy and unique. That’s where the play of numbers and percentages come in. The 97% you read may be just a product of an over-ambitious creator wanting to make quick money with his over-rated and under-performing system.

What about those testimonials from other users, claiming to have been made rich by the sports betting system they purchased? Something like “Blah-blah betting system is amazing! I quit my day job and now I’m making $1000 a day with this system! Mike Stupendrumm, Dallas, TX”. Avoid systems like these, who rely on fake-sounding testimonials to get a sale.

Some testimonials are real, and here are some you can actually trust: videos, to enable you to see how genuine the person is; features, especially of a popular person, who wouldn’t risk his or her name with something fake; and, audio recordings or copies of hand-written letters of people who have expressed their satisfaction over the product.

So before you buy a sports betting system, make sure it will be able to gain you some money, not rip you off.      

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