Fancy Fillies – Does the Fancy Fillies Lay Betting System Really Work?

먹튀Fancy Fillies is a method used for laying horses on Betfair and is designed to produce one horse per day to oppose on the betting exchange. The main consideration with any betting system must be whether it actually works, but with thousands of methods advertised on the internet, actually finding the methods that will produce profits rather than drain your bank account is becoming increasingly difficult. So the question is does the fancy fillies system actually work or is is it yet another also-ran?

One of the major drawbacks to many betting systems is the amount of time required to operate and follow the rules successfully. Most people simply do not have the time to sit glued to their computer all day or spend hours researching a selection. This is one of the strengths of the fancy fillies method. The selection criteria are straightforward and unambiguous and with a little practice can be completed in 10 or 20 minutes either in the morning or the evening before the racing. This makes the system ideal for most people with daily work and home life commitments.

Given that the method is so straightforward this begs the question, does the method actually make the profits claimed? Whilst the selection process is simple, the rules applied are logical and provide the opportunity to test the system over previous results. With any betting system I am considering adding to my personal portfolio I will always back test where possible and then trade for small test stakes before gradually increasing the amount used. From my personal testing I was extremely pleased that the results for once mirrored the claims made and have since incorporated the method into my daily betting.

The only minor gripe I might have is the inclusion of a staking plan option within the method. This is probably more down to personal preference and experience, but with only one exception I never use any form of progressive staking and only ever bet to level stakes increasing gradually in line with profits. Having said that, the results do show that the staking plan would not have reduced profits, so perhaps this should be left as an area of personal preference.

In conclusion, given the price, simplicity and ease of use, and perhaps most importantly the results I have achieved, Fancy Fillies has become one of only two specific laying methods that I use or recommend.

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