Can You Win Money In The NBA? You Bet You Can

The NFL is the overwhelming choice to bet on professional sports, but the most entertaining among most sports bettors is the NBA. Unlike the NFL, the NBA provides action every few seconds of the game. Whether it be a thundering dunk by the ‘Big Man’ on the team, or a long jump-shot from the parking lot, the fast paced NBA action is great fun. Also, you are never out of a game in the NBA because every team has a run in it at any time.

You are probably saying it is a fun game with plenty of action, but how can you make some money on so many games in the regular season? Well, in contrast to other Professional Sports, NBA provides a ton of betting opportunities for my NBA sports betting templates. My NBA betting system has four handicapping templates that I add to each NBA game on the calendar, what these templates take into consideration is four key areas of each teams performance over a long time frame. For example, if the NJ Nets are at home playing against the usually strong San Antonio Spurs, odds are on the NJ Nets will be the underdog and be getting some points. On the flip side of that equation, the Spurs are on the road giving a bunch of points to a lessor opponent with some injuries. It is time for our computer driven module to put the numbers into action and see if this game scenario provides a winning percentage between 55-65% edge. If all the results from all the templates hit the “Bet Zone” of between 55-65% winners or more, it is time to back that team.

It is a complicated process to find that NBA betting edge and can take hours to finish just one night of games, but when you stick to betting the NBA over the entire course of the season, I do not hope to hit over 53% winners every year, I expect closer to 60% winners year in and year out.

The NBA is a grind season and each bet I lay down on a team with an edge is equal throughout the season. Many people like to raise or lower their bet size according to how they are going, but this is a fools bet sure to send any NBA bettor packing very early in the season. If you get nothing from this article, at least treat every single bet you make in the NBA the same, meaning the size of your bet should not change from the first opening tip to the end of the regular season. This one very important bit of information will allow you to follow your betting system with equal balanced action.

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