A Roulette Method That Earned 500 GBP a Today

Below I will describe one of the three roulette methods that has earned me A�500 today, and yesterday and the day before and so on for the past three months. I am finally happy to share this Roulette Method with you.

Just follow these simple steps so that you can easily be earning on the Roulette table online:

1. Open up your roulette table with a starting bank of AT LEAST A�100. The more money you can get into your account the better. I am currently playing with A�500 in my account. I make A�500 a day, so I am pretty much playing with pure profit now.

2. Now, without placing a better, spin the roulette wheel continuously until you get a run of either 4 blacks or 4 reds.

3. Now that you have found this run of either blacks or reds, you have got your bet. If for example, you have a run of 4 blacks, you will have to place a bet on red.

4. If you are using a A�100 starting bank, then start with a bet of 5% which in this case is A�5.

5. If a red comes up you win A�5. If it loses, you lose A�5 so you double your stake in the normal martingale fashion and replace your bet.

6. Now keep repeating until you have won a set amount for the day then stop.

Why does this work so well? Well generally, you have a 50% chance of either a red or black coming up. By waiting for a row of 4 to occur, you reduce this to 99.94% for the other colour to occur. This means that the likelihood of you winning is far higher and you lower that risk of the normal Martingale system.

Does this work? Well yes! That is why I am making around A�500 on an average day. I never go over it because I do not like to get too greedy and yes, I do have a day off once in a while. But on an average week, I will make A�3000. It is perfect for my life and now it will be for yours!

Of course, there are a couple of other systems I use to make more money, but they are elite and I do not feel I should share those one for free.

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